Friday, February 20, 2009

"It Must Have Been Evan, or Maybe the Cat..."

It's no fun trying to get all three kids ready for bed at the same time. The other day I had to do it by myself while Michele was getting her hair done, and let me tell you, I was worn out by the time things were wrapped up.

A few weeks ago, I was at church practicing for worship team, and Michele was here getting the boys their baths and feeding Braden. Nolan and Evan had been washed and were playing in the tub for a few minutes while she was with Braden in his bedroom.

She was just thinking that tonight was going pretty well when Nolan yelled from the bathroom. "Mommmmmy! We have an emergency in here!" Michele went running into the bathroom, to find Nolan, Evan, and about 3 pounds of poop in the bath tub.

"What happened?" she asked. "I don't know," replied Nolan. "Well, who pooped in the bath tub?" insisted Michele. "I don't know," Nolan said again. "Nolan," said Michele, "was it you?" "No, I don't know who did it."

Michele quickly assesed the situation, and determined that identifying the party at fault was less important than extracting her boys from the poop-water. As she was cleaning up, Nolan continued to consider how this could have happened, if he wasn't the one that had relieved himself in the tub. Finally, he announced his conclusion.

"Mommy," he said. "It wasn't me, so it must have been Evan, or maybe the cat." We hadn't actually SEEN Evan do the deed, so we aren't sure that it was him. But on the other hand, how the cat climbed up on the side of the tub, squatted over the edge, and produced that quantity of poop while the boys were bathing, without being seen, is perhaps a bit more of a mystery.

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