Friday, February 20, 2009

Blackish-purple-brown People

Nolan today made one of his "statements" to Mommy. Often he will just blurt out something that he's obviously been thinking about because he's not sure about it, but he says it as a matter of fact, and as if he's an authority on the matter. Today he observed that:

"sometimes people with blackish purple skin are called browns"

Now we don't have regular sensitivity training around our house, but we don't call black people blackish purple either, so Michele decided to inquire into the matter a bit further. Turns out that he had been watching a few minutes of a home makeover program on HGTV with Michele, in which a black family, named the Browns, were the recipients of the home makeover.

Michele did her best to correct him, and we're both grateful that he didn't choose a less opportune time to educate us, such as when we were talking with some of our black friends. As for the purple part of his confusion, who knows...

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